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 Workability II

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 Workability II
 Department Directory

Program Manager

Susan Labrecque, 399-4805

Vocational Specialists

Teri Cisneros, 399-4825

Toni Richardson, 399-4807

Lorraine Villarreal

(707) 421-4155/(707) 399-4808

Workability II

WA II serves Department of Rehabilitation clients enrolled in ROP

Solano County WorkAbility II (WAII) works through a partnership with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR).  DOR refers clients to WAII for ROP training and/or job placement assistance.  What makes this program exemplary is the Solano County WAII operates on a “client-centered approach” and the partnership between WAII and DOR.

By using the “client-centered approach” the individual needs of the client are identified and then it is determined who best to provide assistance.  Each client is treated as an individual with unique needs and abilities.  This approach is successful because of the determination of the WAII staff.  The staff’s focus is always on the success of the client.  The staff builds a relationship with the client in order to determine how best to work with the needs of the client.  Because each client has different needs the way the staff works with each client is also different.  One client may need to learn by committing errors while if another client makes a mistake it can have a tremendous negative impact to that student.  Building a relationship with the client helps reduce negative learning experiences while in the ROP class, therefore, making the learning environment less threatening to the client.

The partnership between WAII and DOR is one of mutual respect.  The DOR counselors have complete confidence when referring clients that quality service will be provided by WAII.  DOR and WAII have set up an environment which DOR counselors and WAII staff can have honest, open communication.  By having the open communication WAII has been able to continuously improve and provide quality feedback on clients’ needs.  The relationship between the partners is valued by all.

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